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  • 20 years automation equipment technology

    Help customers to provide product processing solutions

  • Quality assurance

    Triple inspection ensures excellent machining and stable performance

  • Products are exported to domestic and foreign markets

    Our products are sold to many countries and won the praise of our customers

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    Leading Smart and CNC specialists

    Zheng Tai machinery is the earliest across China r&d saw and six sides fully automatic computer numerical control drill manufacturer, saw. the main products are computer six sides intelligent woodworking drilling and milling machining center. CNC equipment, mainly used the whole house custom furniture, custom cabinets, wardrobe, office furniture, wood, board type furniture, packing boxes, handicraft, acrylic, guide pla(e, PS board, calcium silicate board, resistance times the special plate, various industry such as the transformer plate processing, and due to good performance and perfect aftersales service at home and abroad of various applications to replace the imported simitar products, product sales all over all over the country provinces and cities, And exported to Singapore. Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.

    Zheng Tai has 20 years of automation equipment technology, has a number of invention patents and proprietary technology, is the first Chinese to apply linear guide manufacturers of electronic cutting saw. after 10 years customer service experience, the technology for ZT2626a6. 0 cutting stability provides valuable data and establish cooperative relations with the domestic many famous universities.

    Strength and coagulation innovation

    It has an independent processing center, production workshop and equipment exhibition hall. All parts and components are strictly selected and tested repeatedly before being used in product processing. Now, "Zheng Tai" has become a designated cooperative brand of many old customers.

    Smart factory production solutions
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